Is 2020 the year of the wedding?

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Is 2020 the year of the Wedding?

I don’t know about you, Ive personally I have been invited to 4 weddings this year! After a few years of not been invited to any weddings it makes a lovely change. All the weddings I’m invited too, are so different, meaning my headwear will be different to everyone. I do believe there are so many factors which determine what type of hat or fascinator you were. As the most important thing when wear something on your head is that you feel comfortable and fabulous.

 First Wedding invite- evening do

 Friends of my partners, I have only met them a few times.

A wedding is always a good opportunity to wear something on ones head, as I don’t know the bride and groom and only going to evening do, am going to wear a large gold hairband fascinator, which will work with gold shoes and gold hand bag.

I think this type of headwear - says I making an effort, thank you for inviting me, I’ve thought about my outfit, all my accessories work together. I’m celebrating your love my wearing something fabulous.

 Second wedding - A very good friend of mine

 So this is an exciting wedding, we’ve been invited to the bbq before the day before the wedding and the wedding. It is also in the middle of the summer so hoping it will be hot.

So I am thinking big floppy sun hat with flowers for the bbq and for the wedding its self something statement and wonderful as my friend is a totally amazing and I want to display my love for her fabulousness in my headwear. I think my pink wow fascinator would be great piece for this wedding.

Third wedding - A hippie wedding in a field, I am friends of the groom.

The groom has asked me to make him a top hat, which will be totally adorn with lots of feathers, I can't wait to make it. The groom loves pheasant feathers so I would wear my pink blush fascinator with pheasant feathers or I would wear the feather feathers headband.

The fourth Wedding -  My sisters winter wedding.

The most important wedding of them all, and very excitingly I am a bridesmaid. I am making my sister her bridal hair piece and her veil, such an honour. I am also thinking would be lovely to make something for the bridesmaids, haven't discussed with my sister, so can't say too much about this!

So many weddings and all so different. Each wedding I have such a different role, which in turn means i have to have such different headwear for each.

When somebody comes into my shop looking for hat, the first question I ask is who's wedding is it and what type of wedding is it?

The role we have at a wedding can determine the type of hat or fascinator we wear. At a wedding you want to feel amazing in your clothes and your headwear. The hat you choose is the finishing piece of your outfit, make sure its the right one.



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