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Its been a while since, ive done a blog post. The last post was at the beginning of the year when I was feeling excited and hopeful for all the weddings that we going to happen this year! Well how wrong I was. 

So since then, as we all know we have had the gobal pandemic, which has lead to the end of horse racing, weddings  and events, so basically all my business. I took the difficult decision to shut my shop in August, and have re invented my business and am working from home.

It was hard at the time, to be honest I am now really enjoying sewing from home and creating new products. I am so less stressed so thats great. 

I have finally got around to making turbans. I have been wanting to make them for ever, but just never seemed to have the time. 

I have also been making wired hair bands, which is something I sold in the shop but never sold much of online. The are great hairbands because they are like having a headscarf on, but because of the wire they don't slip off all the time. I have also been making more business more sustainable and have  been using dead stock fabric and repurposing fabrics to make headwear. 

What is dead stock fabric?

Dead stock fabric is fabric that has been left over from big designer orders, and would just go to waste.

I am hoping to have a pop up in John lewis this December, who know's if that will happen or not.

So for now, its sewing from home and connecting with customers via social media. 

I hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves through this crazy time. 

much love 



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